21/03/2012 10:10 GMT | Updated 21/05/2012 06:12 BST

Tonight's TV Pick: Wednesday 21 - Lord Sugar's The Apprentice 2012, Four Rooms

Here are our choices for tonight's viewing on the box...

Four Rooms - 8pm, Channel 4

Described as 'Dragon's Den meets Antiques Roadshow', this offbeat show is back for a second series after gaining a cult following last year. Like all the best programmes, the premise is simple - members of the public gather together crusty objects in their living rooms they may or may not consider to be a worth a small fortune if placed in the right hands. It's then up to the experts - Jeffrey Salmon, Andrew Lamberty, Gordon Watson and Celia Sawyer (replacing Emma Hawkins) to make their pitch. It's their own money but if they're refused, there's no room for negotiation.

Anita Rani presents, and objects this week include the chair JK Rowling sat in when she penned Harry Potter, and some artwork by Marlon Brando - how much would you be prepared to pay for either of these?

The Apprentice - 9pm, BBC2

Lord Sugar's back in the chair, ably flanked by Karren Brady and Nick Hewer, and 16 more apprentices are quivering with anticipation that their unique talents, vision and skills will be spotted in the crowded room and plucked out for the business opportunity of a lifetime. They've been warned, though. Lord Sugar has always made it clear: "If I wanted a friend, I'd get a dog."

Lord Sugar: Not Getting Any Sweeter

Meet this year's contestants in the slideshow below...