80 Years Of Abbey Road: Down Memory Lane In The Studio The Beatles Called Home (PHOTOS)

Abbey Road Studios burst onto the public pop consciousness when The Beatles were photographed on the zebra crossing outside for their eponymous album in 1969.

It was their last studio album, so it was fitting that it acknowledged their creative home in North London, where they had settled in for much of the previous decade and, under the production guidance of George Martin, created some of the last century's most timeless music.

But Abbey Road was going long before the Liverpudlian quartet rocked up, and this month it opens its doors to the public to celebrate 80 years of music-making.

Two authors, Brian Kehew and Kevin Ryan, who've delved into the archives for their book 'Recording the Beatles' are on hand to guide visitors through a comprehensive video tour of the artists who put their sounds down within the famous walls.

As well as the Beatles, these include the Hollies, Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, as well as the creators of innumerable film scores, such as Lord of the Rings, in the vast Studio 1 (the Beatles were always ensconsed in Studio 2, where the public exhibition - microphones, photographs, musical instruments - a geek's delight - is based).

And if you're lucky, you'll have the chance to play on one of the very pianos that were used by Paul McCartney during one of those amazingly creative days in the studio...

Brian Kehew, himself a record producer, told HuffPostUK why Abbey Road Studios are so special...

The biggest surprise in the Archive work is the impact classical music had on EMI Studios (Abbey Road). Almost all of the equipment was designed for classical work, which was quite beneficial, as it's ultra-high quality; they are purists for sound and realism, so the pop music benefited. It's odd to think that the panning on Sgt. Pepper is a result of the desks being designed for symphonic and operatic music, but it is!

Abbey Road would be a huge legend without the Beatles! Just the fact that the Pink Floyd records were done there, or Cliff and the Shadows recorded there, or , or the Zombies or Hollies - you've got some stellar things going on there. Besides, it may be THE greatest comedy studio of all time: With Peter Sellers, Beyond the Fringe, The Goons, Bernard Cribbens, etc. it's really the classic home of pre-Python British comedy.

The world-famous Abbey Road Studios are opening their doors to the public. Click here for further ticket information and prices. And here's a glimpse of what's inside...