23/03/2012 07:40 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 07:44 GMT

Cross-Dressing Firemen Tackle Roadside Blaze (VIDEO)

Here's something you might not know about already: the Minnesota town of Sedan has a very special St Patrick's Day parade. One that sees their firemen dress up as women, as it happens.

It's all in aid of an annual equipment purchasing drive - but just because they're all kitted out in big, colourful frocks doesn't mean they won't respond to call-outs when they happen.

Witness firefighting volunteers Ted Aubart and Ben Tehaar doing just that when a truck caught fire on the side of the road back on March 17. Heroes, these guys. Heroes in super hot strapless, floor-length dresses, no less.

Incidentally, The Sauk Centre Fire Department to which Aubart and Tehaar belong has 30 members, all of whom are volunteers, making this whole story - aside from the ruined van in question, of course - really rather heart-warming.