23/03/2012 13:06 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 13:14 GMT

Happy Feet Two: Real-Life Dancing Penguins Take Over Pineapple Dance Studios (VIDEO)

Real-life dancing penguins took over London's Pineapple Dance Studios this week to celebrate the launch of Happy Feet Two on DVD.

Leading the group of Humboldt penguins was Charlie, the most experienced British penguin in showbusiness. His impressive CV includes appearances on Blue Peter, The Jonathan Ross Show and a Tatler photoshoot. He even has his own passport due to international travel.

I went down to the studios to meet the penguins and check out if they could move as well as the film's famed tap-dancing penguin Mumble.

The penguins' trainer told me: "You can get some moves the same, depending on the song that's playing of course."

And she seemed to think Happy Feet 2's story was fairly realistic, adding: "Penguins are such good fun. They are all individual characters and they're all dying to express their characters at all times.

"Some are real divas like Charlie the hero penguin, and then you have Ferrari who has a split personality so one minute he can be all lovey-dovey and the next minute he can draw blood.

"And then there are the backup guys who are really cute. The thing with penguins is they know their names and they're all very very smart while they are hungry, and once they're full it's all over and they can't remember their name."

WATCH: Charlie teach the Pineapple Dance Studio dancers how to move in the video above.

Happy Feet Two is out on DVD 26th March.