23/03/2012 05:47 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Single Dad Gavin Henson Reveals: 'Charlotte Church And I Split Time With The Kids 50:50'

Charlotte Church
's ex Gavin Henson has spoken for the first time about the joys and pressures of being a single dad to their two young children.

The Welsh rugby and reality TV star revealed that he and the singer share 50-50 custody of their kids, Ruby, four, and Dexter, two, since they broke off their engagement in 2010 after five years together.

And even though the situation was "not ideal" he said he and Charlotte were both "grown up" about it.

Nevertheless, he said they rarely spoke face-to-face and only communicated about their kids via phone and text.

He told "I've moved back to St. Brides Major so I have them quite a bit now. They're only 30 minutes away, and over a two week cycle I get them for seven days. It's more or less 50 per cent.

"Charlotte and I have to be amicable for the kids. We only see each other on the handovers. But if one of us wants to ask how Ruby or Dexter are when they're with the other, we text each other or call.


In a perfect world all families stay together but that doesn't happen these days. I'm part of that. I'm a single dad but luckily I have the support of my parents and my sister.


Talking about how he would feel about introducing a new partner to his children and of Charlotte's relationship with singer Jonathan Powell, Gavin, 30, said: "I'm very much a single man and luckily I've never been in the position of having to introduce anyone new to my kids, but Charlotte has and it's fine.

"I've always been with my kids, I will always be the father figure to them, so it's no issue whatsoever. It's not an ideal situation but as long as the parents are grown up about it there's no reason why it can't work. The kids are stronger than what we think. Just as long as it's amicable.

"We did some mediation sessions as well, which has helped, and it's just all important for the kids to see us getting on."

So is there a chance of them ever getting back together? "No, no, never," he said.

In an emotional interview, Gavin opened up about his feelings for his children. "Life just makes sense to me, now, having kids," he said.

"They take over your life, it's amazing. Of course there are downsides – like the early years when you get so little sleep, but you soon get used to it."

He said his daughter and son were very different personalities, with Ruby taking after her mum, with her boundless energy, and Dexter after him, with his laid back personality.

They were both born in the kitchen of the £1.2 million 12-acre home he bought and renovated with Charlotte five years ago. And it's this home that inspires his bedtime stories.

"Every time I have the kids I read to them, at bedtime," said Gavin, who is promoting a Munch Bunch campaign to inspire story writing.

"It helps to settle them and get them to sleep. They're into Disney films, so the books are Lady and the Tramp, Little Mermaid, The Lion King. But because I've got some land, I also make up stories about the chickens and the dog. It's great fun.

"I'm not the best of readers, but you just have to do it. It's great to feed their imaginations and it's great to de-stress you as well. Change the voices, get into character. It makes it fun for all of you."

• Gavin is encouraging parents to get involved and put pen to paper with the Munch Bunch story writing competition. Visit to find out how your story could win £1,000.