23/03/2012 07:07 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 07:19 GMT

Theresa May Doesn't Know How Much She Drinks A Week - So Why Should You? (VIDEO)

Maybe Theresa May had a fuzzy head on Friday morning, or was she just pre-occupied with keeping the country safe? Either way a BBC Breakfast interview on the government's new alcohol minimum pricing scheme didn't go so well.

The Home Secretary was asked how many units of alcohol she drinks a week, and the answer was a bit blurry, truth be told:

It's okay Theresa, we all have those weeks when we find we've knocked back more than we'd planned.

Maybe the lack of clarity was due to the suspicion that the whole announcement has been rushed out to take the heat off George Osborne, who continues to face a hostile press over the granny tax.

Or perhaps it's just that Theresa May is tired. She should remember the warnings from Tony Blair though, whose autobiography details an increasing reliance on wine to get through life at the top.