23/03/2012 15:14 GMT | Updated 23/03/2012 15:16 GMT

Zulu The Zorse: What You Get When You Mix A Zebra And A Horse (PICTURES)

Our favourite crossbreed used to be a geep (a goat and sheep). No longer.

Meet Zulu, the UK's first zorse (a zebra mixed with a horse), and her zebroid friends, Zee the zedonk and Zambi the zonkey.

The trio come with a heat warming backstory after being given sanctuary by Donkey Rescue UK, whose owner Amanda Bell said the animals were "fascinating":

"They were bred in America and imported to the UK. They are fascinating creatures.

"The zorse can be ridden like a horse but has the senses of a zebra.

"If a vet has a syringe in their pocket it will go mad even though it can't see it - a zebra will do that too."

According to the Equinepost, Zorses are two to three times stronger than horses and similar temperaments to zebras than horses.