27/03/2012 06:07 BST | Updated 27/03/2012 06:14 BST

Bus Driver Proposes To His Teacher Girlfriend In Front Of 700 Pupils, Sings Bruno Mars' 'Marry You' (VIDEO)

49-year-old Wolverhampton bus driver Bob Doyle is a very romantic human being. How else do you explain this absurdly sweet - and really rather awkward - marriage proposal video we have for you here?

In it, you'll see him singing a love song to his 38-year-old primary school teacher girlfriend Alex Hyde... in front of 700 school pupils. In the school she works in.

Making it even more wonderful/astonishing, this is 'their song' he's singing, namely Bruno Mars' Marry You.

It seems Marry You is the song they sing as they do the washing up together, which means that Ms. Hyde really should have seen this coming. Seriously, there are hints, then there are hints.

Of course, Mr. Doyle's proposal video is just the latest in the long line of extraordinary proposal videos - and here are our favourites for you below. Enjoy!