Dancing On Ice: Matthew Wolfenden Receives Medical Care Following Win

Dancing On Ice champ Matthew Wolfenden should be celebrating his triumphant victory but the Emmerdale actor is preoccupied - he's booked in for two hospital MRI scans.

The star beat Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter and former The X Factor contestant Chico Slimani to the contest's finish line during Sunday night's final, but the gruelling competition has left him with a string of painful injuries.

In addition to his exhausting training routine and tough ice performances, Matthew, who is now taking part in the programme's arena tour, continued with his busy soap schedule throughout his time on the show.

He told The Sun: "I've bust both my tendons in my ankles. I've had my feet in a bucket of ice every day for weeks to take the pain down. I can't lift my right arm properly so I'm going for an MRI scan on Tuesday. I think it's to do with my rotator cuff.

"Then when I have the MRI scan on my shoulder, I need to have one on my knee too because when I dropped Nina out of the headbanger in training, I landed on my knee and I've ripped all the bits in the back of it... My back and wrist hurts from the lifts and I've done my groin in. I've got a week off the ice to let everything relax, then the tour starts. But I've no time off work."

Matthew trained as a gymnast from the age of four but was forced to leave the British team after breaking his back in a fall from the rings when he was 17 years old.

However, his ice injuries have put him off a return to sports - Matthew insists he's more than happy to stick with his soap career.

He said: "I don't want to leave Emmerdale. It's my bread and butter and they've been so accommodating throughout this whole show... Everyone at Emmerdale is just brilliant. I've signed a contract that takes me to Christmas then, hopefully, I'll get a new one after that too."

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