28/03/2012 03:36 BST | Updated 28/03/2012 05:26 BST

Pasty Tax: Greggs Boss Accuses Osborne Of Losing Touch As Snack Debate Heats Up On Twitter

The boss of Greggs has accused George Osborne of having "lost touch" after the Chancellor admitted he could not remember the last time he bought a pasty from the baker.

Chief executive Ken McMeikan said ministers did not appreciate the impact changes to VAT rules would have on ordinary people.

The high street chain saw millions wiped off its shares after the Budget closed a loophole that has meant some hot takeaway foods, such as sausage rolls and pasties, escaped the duty.

George Osborne is getting a grilling over the 'pasty' tax as lovers of the Cornish staple get hot and cross over the Chancellor's plans to rise the price of the meaty snack.

The Conservative Minister is finding that you dough-n't mess with pasty lovers.

A government e-petition has been launched, and a Facebook group 'Say No to the Pasty Tax' has been set up, with over 4000 members (and 18 photos). The cause to save the snack is even attracting attention from further afield with one American facebook user asking:

"Since there are lots of non-UK residents who are excluded from signing this petition, but feel strongly about the subject, is there a way to start a non-resident petition...a little extra pressure might help."

However it seems the operation to save the beloved snack is in need of direction, with dissension breaking out among the pasty purists.

"Who ever is in charge of this site can they change the picture please?????? . Diced turnip in a pasty ??? no wonder this world is going to ruin" has been posted on the group's wall.

Discussions have digressed from the pasty-in-hand, with commenters sharing their individual woes over the demise of the pasty. "Erggghhh, I had one with sweetcorn and brussel sprouts once :( Wrong on so many levels!" another foodie fan wrote.

Greggs, the champion of the pasty, has been trending on Twitter on Wednesday morning, with many joining in the pasty vs steak bake discussion.

Take a look at some of the pasty jokes circulating on Twitter