27/03/2012 07:47 BST | Updated 27/03/2012 07:53 BST

Simon Cowell Intruder: Five Other Celebrities Targeted By Unexpected Guests (PICTURES)

Simon Cowell was left shaken this week after discovering a female fan armed with a brick in his bathroom.

The music mogul, who likened the incident to a “horror movie”, was unharmed in the incident.

However he’s not the first celebrity to be confronted with an unwanted houseguest.

Madonna was forced to give evidence in court after Robert Dewey Hoskins scaled the walls of her Hollywood Hills estate in 1996 and threatened to cut her throat “from ear to ear”.

Heiress Paris Hilton stepped up her security after Nathan Lee Parada was caught trying to break into her home in April last year.

Parada, who was armed with two knives, was apprehended by armed Hilton’s boyfriend before he had a chance to get inside.

George Harrison feared he had been fatally wounded when he was stabbed in his Oxfordshire home in 2000.

The ex-Beatle chanted “Hare Krishna” in an attempt to distract Michael Abrams, who was also armed with part of a stone sword broken from a statue.

The Queen found herself fending off an unexpected visitor in 1982, after Michael Fagan scaled the walls of Buckingham Palace and hopped through her bedroom window.

Her Maj spent ten minutes calmly talking to the 31-year-old before raising the alarm by summoning a footman.

Finally, Nicholas Cage joins our list for possibly the most bizarre break-in experience.

The Face/Off actor last year recounted how he awoke one night to discover: “A naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed."

As you do.