27/03/2012 11:01 BST | Updated 27/03/2012 11:06 BST

Tenacious D Return With 'Rize Of The Fenix' - Alongside Tim Robbins, Val Kilmer, Dave Grohl (VIDEO)

As they admit themselves at the beginning of this six minute long mega-skit, Tenacious D's big screen debut, Tenacious D In The Pick Of Destiny, wasn't that warmly received.

So it's genuinely a bit of a surprise that Jack Black and Kyle Gass are back in the saddle once more with their upcoming album, Rize Of The Fenix. Sure, the fact that they're appearing in certain festivals over the summer was probably a decent clue, but there you have it.

Anyway, even if you don't like their original eponymous hit album, you're bound to like this celebrity-filled cameofest of a publicity video, boasting the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Josh Groban, Tim Robbins, Dave Grohl and Val Kilmer here and there.

So, for those about to rock, we salute you. Salute you and suggest you check out this other D-based classic when you get the time. It is, of course, Tribute - and as a top tip, keep your eyes peeled for the two second Ben Stiller appearance!