28/03/2012 06:52 BST | Updated 28/05/2012 06:12 BST

Angry Birds Space Reaches 10 Million Downloads

It's taken just three days for Angry Birds Space, the latest game from Rovio, to top a whopping 10 million downloads.

Rovio could have made at least US$10 million over those three days, based on each download for iPhone costing 99 cents in the US and 69p here, while the iPad version costs £1.99.

The Peter Farago, vice president of marketing at the mobile analytics firm Flurry told LA Times: "I can't think of another app that has done this well, especially when you consider that they only have a paid version available in the iTunes App Store. The closest success story I can think of is OMGPOP's Draw Something, which racked up 20 million total downloads in five weeks."

If downloads of the new game continue at this pace, Angry Birds Space could become the fastest selling game ever.

Angry Birds Space was set to be a huge game from the outset. Rovio launched the game from the International Space Station, with a huge installation on Seattle's Space Needle and a National Geographic special edition.

It is the first completely new game since the original Angry Birds, and is set in outer space.

The gravity of nearby planets are amongst the new tools you can use to play through the 60 new levels of inter-species warfare on offer in the new game.