28/03/2012 03:19 BST | Updated 28/03/2012 09:56 BST

Frankie Sandford's Depression Battle

The Saturdays star Frankie Sandford has revealed that the reason she was admitted to hospital last year was to be treated for depression.

The singer checked into a clinic last year and refused to comment on her health crisis at the time, but she has now finally opened up about her long running battle with depression, admitting she has struggled with the debilitating illness since she was 15.

"It set off this spiral of negative thinking - if I disappeared it wouldn't matter to anyone. In fact it would make everyone's life easier. I felt I was worthless, that I was ugly, that I didn't deserve anything... I thought I was selfish, miserable and ungrateful. I had been given this amazing life, but I wasn't happy.

"It all started when I was about 15 or 16. I used to stay in bed a lot and had no motivation. I thought I was just being lazy.

Since childhood I've been an over-thinker. I used to make myself sick with worry. I'd always have stomach aches and breathing problems. I didn't do anything about it until it got to the stage when I was just coming home and going straight to bed. I wouldn't have any dinner, I couldn't talk to anyone."

Frankie is winning her battle with the condition after undergoing one-on-one counselling, and is now fronting Glamour's Hey, It's Ok campaign with mental health charity Mind.

The May issue of Glamour is on-sale from Monday 2nd April