29/03/2012 05:44 BST | Updated 29/03/2012 06:04 BST

Mark Wright Goes Topless On Day Out At Thorpe Park

Gosh Mark Wright, we didn't realise you had a body like that. It's not like you ever show it off...

The mercury hit some highs yesterday, so natch former TOWIE star Mark took the opportunity to flaunt his beefcake body as he enjoyed a day at Thorpe Park with his mates.

And the nekkid-ness wasn't just confined to Mark either, as all of his pals seemed to misplace their shirts as they enjoyed the rides. Perhaps they were worried about getting their designer gear soaked on the Tidal Wave ride, which they went on four times.

Mark tweeted: "Thorpe park #wicked me&all my best pals were like big kids we ended the day by getting drenched on tidal wave 4 times we chanted."

Mark and his pals weren't alone though, as he had to be accompanied around the park by security guards, cos, ya know, he's such a major celeb now that he's landed a film role.

As the boys headed home from their lads' day out, Wrighty got all emosh about how great his pals are.

He tweeted: "Having a great day with my boys !! Love em all !! Can't buy friends !! Footy with them later then decisions weather [sic] I'm in or out !!