29/03/2012 13:36 BST

Plan B Fears Losing Fans With Hip-Hop Album 'Ill Manors'

Plan B fears he will lose a large portion of his fan-base after moving away from his hit soul sound to return to gritty hip-hop.

The singer/rapper, real name Benjamin Ballance-Drew, scored a hugely successful sophomore album with the smooth soul record The Defamation of Strickland Banks, but he could potentially alienate devotees with the gritty new sound of iLL Manors.

However, he has vowed to win any deserters back.

He says: "If you bought my last album and sung my praises how can you just switch on me? That says more about you than me. But I'll win them back.

"I said that about my rap fans after the first album and I did. Same goes for this lot."

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