30/03/2012 07:51 BST

22-Month-Old Toddler Boulders Up A Climbing Wall (VIDEO)

This astonishing video of a 22-month-old girl bouldering up a homemade climbing wall has made us think many things, but before we can even begin to utter them, the first reaction has to be... "Wow".

Ready to work out what this clip means? Okay, let's begin.

For starters, as it was originally posted on with the line "My 22-month-old daughter enjoying it", and with it being "my home wall", we can surmise that it's been filmed by a die-hard climber in his own home.

For main, we can conclude that this little lady is going to be a gold medal-winning super champion in the future.

And for dessert, there's no doubt that she could take us in a fight. Or failing that, get higher than us on a bouldering wall. Or both.

But for some youngsters that won't embarrass you by being too brilliant, here are a bunch of very easily surprised infants. Enjoy!