30/03/2012 07:07 BST | Updated 30/05/2012 06:12 BST

Surrealism With Heart: Katrin Berge's Myth-Inspired Illustrations

Norwegian-based artist Katrin Berge takes inspiration from the myths and legends of Iceland in creating her surrealist illustrations.

“I also collect old postcards, photos and illustrations that I find in antique shops.

“Nature, plants, animals and children often appear in my drawings,” she explains.

The 29-year-old graduated with a master’s in visual communication from Bergen Academy of Art and Design and now exhibits across several galleries in Norway.

We love the way her dark images are teased out in her fragile pencil work. There’s something loving about the way her child figures are drawn - even when they’re being swallowed by flowers or engulfed in mushrooms.

The response they produce is mixed: decapitated kids or feature-less faces that nevertheless have a comforting sheen about them, like images from a fairy tale.

What do you think of Berge's work?

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