30/03/2012 07:14 BST | Updated 30/03/2012 07:21 BST

Tina Fey Reads Fans' Letters, Teaches You To Dance And Survive A Zombie Attack (VIDEO)

30 Rock is a truly fantastic show. Six seasons in, it's still as funny as ever, helmed by Tina Fey's neurotic Liz Lemon and Alec Baldwin's manipulative Jack Donaghy with gracious aplomb.

But though the show is very amusing in of itself, that doesn't mean that the 30 Rock crew isn't doing anything else outside of the studio.

Remember the NBC Super Bowl song and dance? Well, there you go. Classic example for you there.

Today's 30 Rock-themed viral video comes in the form of this piece to camera from Tina Fey herself, answering some of her fans' questions. She starts things off by solving the whole zombie apocalypse problem, then explains just how to pull off her amazing dance moves.

She's just wonderful, isn't she? We'll probably never meet her, alas. Oh. Now we're sad. Anyway, to make everything better, here's a little video gallery of some of the bext 30 Rock moments currently on YouTube. Enjoy!