31/03/2012 05:27 BST | Updated 30/05/2012 06:12 BST

George Galloway Tweets 'Blackburn Triumph', Not Bradford Following Dramatic By-Election Victory

George Galloway has gained 6,000 new Twitter fans following his dramatic by-election victory late on Thursday night.

Unfortunately for the Respect MP, he welcomed his new followers on Saturday by claiming he was "shattered but happy after the Blackburn triumph".

Galloway was elected MP for Bradford, not Blackburn.

The politician, known as Gorgeous George, quickly followed up with a tweet reaffirming his freshly made Yorkshire ties:

This was then followed an hour later with a cryptic text that seemed to suggest Galloway's Twitter account had been hacked:

The twittersphere jumped on the mistake, with many asking Galloway if he was now presiding over a "Blackburn Spring".

Galloway secured a dramatic victory in the Bradford West by-election, securing 10,000 votes more than his Labour rival.

On Friday, the politician had eggs thrown at him by 26-year-old Thomas Johnson, who called Galloway a "parasite".

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