02/04/2012 11:02 BST | Updated 02/04/2012 11:54 BST

How A 'Naked Woman' Forced Boris Johnson To Abandon Police Raid

London Mayor Boris Johnson has been recounting how he had to pull out of a high-profile demonstration of how police conduct dawn raids because - according to Boris - a naked woman was found in the house being infiltrated.

However the story bears more than a passing similarity to another such encounter described by Boris less than six months ago.

The Tory mayor was hoping to use the press opportunity on Monday morning to launch his crime manifesto, which includes an idea to force yobs to wear ankle bracelets which would detect whether they've been drinking.

"Twice I have wielded the door-smasher and entered premises where the police had reason to believe they would find a criminal suspect," Johnson told reporters.

"On neither occasion did we find anyone guilty of an offence. The first time a chap woke to find me at the end of his bed and screamed. The second time I had to be escorted from the premises because there was a lady with no clothes on."

Boris took part in dawn raids last year, and curiously claimed then that a "scantily-clad" lady forced him to keep away from one.

During the previous raids in November 2011, officers stopped Mr Johnson entering a second-floor property. He remarked as he left that it "may have been because of a scantily-clad lady" inside.

Is this just a rehash of a previous story, or just a run of bad luck?

Johnson has pledged to boost neighbourhood policing in the capital by putting 1,000 extra officers on the streets.

But his main opponent Ken Livingstone said: "It is clear that decisions taken by Boris Johnson are making Londoners less safe. In January this year the Tory Mayor admitted cutting over 1700 police officers from London whilst he knew that violent crimes including knife crime, robbery, burglary and rape were all rising.

"Boris Johnson has tried repeatedly to mislead Londoners - claiming knife crime is falling, when the Metropolitan Police say knife crime is rising. Broken promises on knife crime mean broken lives."