02/04/2012 09:00 BST

Norwegian Explorer Aleksander Gamme Finds Hidden Cache Of Cheez Doodles, Screams For Joy (VIDEO)

Cheez Doodles isn't that well-known as a brand here in the UK. The Britiah cheesey puff snack they best resemble is Cheetos, though Cheez Doodles don't have a suave cheetah as a mascot, which officially make them not quite as cool.

But all this doesn't matter to Norwegian explorer Aleksander Gamme. 86 days into his trip to the South Pole, he's making the second leg back home when he discovers one of the caches he's made about a month previously.

Carrying a camera in one hand, he records himself opening up the box of goodies he's buried into the snow. As you'll see from clicking the 'CC' button at the bottom of the video, he's initially unimpressed by what he left there on the first leg: a spare pump, a funnel, other functional things.

Then... then he finds the motherload. That's right, it's a bag of Cheez Doodles, people. "WOOOOOoowooWOOWOOOO!" indeed.

Have you ever been this happy, ever? Seriously, this hungry explorer pretty much defines happiness. In fact, we'd go so far as to say he reminds us of these jumbotron dancers - and they're happiness personified.