02/04/2012 07:12 BST | Updated 02/06/2012 06:12 BST

Osama Bin Laden's Wives Sentenced To Prison For Illegal Occupancy In Pakistan

Three of Osama Bin Laden's widows and two of his daughters have been sentenced to prison for 'illegal residency' in Pakistan.

The court ordered the women to be deported as soon as possible.

According to Zakarya Ahmad Abd al-Fattah, who is the brother of one of the late Al Qaeda leader's wives, the judge also imposed a fine of 10,000 rupees (about £60) after they were found to be living in Pakistan illegally.

The women were detained on 3 March and will be held at a villa in Pakistan's capital, Islamabad until their sentence is complete.

"I think [the sentence] will be completed probably in two weeks," Fattah told reporters.

One of Bin Laden's wives - Fattah's sister Amal, was from Yemen, while the there two were from Saudi Arabia.

It was previously reported that Bin Laden's last weeks were spent in a house torn apart by his suspicious rival wives.

According to the AP his youngest and favourite wife lived in the top floor, in his bedroom.

But when his eldest wife moved into the bedroom below, tensions in the house increased.

Bin Laden was shot and killed in the Abbottabad compound in which he was living by American forces in May 2011.

The Pakistan authorities have already interviewed the Bin Laden family for details about how he managed to evade capture for so long.