02/04/2012 10:25 BST

Prince Harry Leaps To Rescue Of American Businessman Bash Kazi After Polo Match Fall (PICTURED)

Prince Harry leapt to the rescue of a stricken US millionaire and may have even saved his life after he fell from a horse during a polo match, it has been revealed.

The American businessman, Bash Kazi, was left sprawled on the ground unconscious after he collided with another horse during the charity event in Brazil.

Seeing the injured man, Prince Harry sprung to his aid. He lept off his horse and quickly arranged Kazi, who was still out cold, in the recovery position.

In doing so the prince may have saved the businessman's life, said the British Red Cross.

Prince Harry uses his army training to arrange Kazi in the recovery position

After the fall Kazi praised Prince Harry for his quick response, saying that when he came-to after 20 seconds he saw "these piercing blue eyes looking at me", according to the Washington Post.

Kazi described the Prince, who is an experienced polo player as well as a trained soldier, as a 'fabulous' man and 'a gentleman'.

Despite suffering minor concussion from the fall, Kazi, who has been playing polo for 25 years, remains determined to get back in the saddle for another round with the royal.

“I look forward to squaring off with him in the US,” he told the Post.

Kazi thanks Harry for his help

Prince Harry had arranged the charity polo match to raise funds forSentebale, an organisation that supports orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, of which he is co-founder.

The Prince's team won 6-3.