02/04/2012 08:45 BST | Updated 02/06/2012 06:12 BST

Xbox 720, PlayStation Orbis: The Latest Next-Gen Console Rumours

The Xbox 720 is due for a Christmas 2013 release, according to the latest rumours swirling around the development of Microsoft's next generation console.

Gaming site VG247 said that Xbox has confirmed to third parties that the 720 will boasts a Blu-Ray drive, as well as two GPUs.

The site also suggested that the next version of Kinect, the console’s revolutionary control system, would be built into the machine.

An announcement on the next generation Xbox, believed to be codenamed “Durango”, is not expected till next year.

Meanwhile, US news site Kokatu has claimed that the PS4, codenamed Orbis, is similarly due for release in late 2013 and will work in conjunction with the recently released Vita handheld.

Other rumours suggest that Orbis games will not be backwards-compatible. The games could even be locked to a singular PlayStation account, thus stripping the second-hand market of its viability.

Neither Sony or Microsoft would comment on the rumours.

The Wii U, Nintendo's next-generation console, is expected to hit the shops this Christmas.