03/04/2012 17:05 BST | Updated 03/04/2012 21:00 BST

David Copithorne's 3D Photos Distort Brazilian Landscapes

Most people would say that photographs of technicolour Brazilian sunsets were impressive enough, but straightforward holiday snaps are not for up-and-coming photographer David Copithorne, whose 3D Geometric photography adds in distorting effects to his backdrops.

The result allows a fresh look at an often hackneyed holiday image.

Copithorne says, “My goal is to simply capture these moments that may be missed by the normal eye. I just used the 3D shape to draw in my viewer for a unique new perspective on the landscapes and beauty of Brazil.”

He spent several months in Brazil taking photographs, afterwards transforming some of them into animated GIFs on his Tumblr page, so the images from Rio de Janiero come alive, wiggling at you like dancers at the Carnival.

Why Brazil?

“I seek natural scenarios that you can’t find in a studio and attempt to visually adapt the vast crooks and corners of the world into my own creative output,” he explains.

Copithorne uses 35mm and digital photography to create the images, combining a vintage with a modern feel. Fans of Instagram might find this style familiar, and in truth it’s on the edge of gimmicky, but worth a look if you like to complicate your wanderlust.

See the pictures: