03/04/2012 07:42 BST

Flying Car Unveiled By Dutch Engineers (VIDEO)

It's the stuff kids' dreams are made of: a car that can fly. One moment you're heading into a nasty stretch of traffic, the next you're sailing into the sky.

Most idle daydreams along these lines see the would-be pilot blasting off in a Harrier Jumpjet-style contraption, but Dutch engineers PAL-V have other ideas - helicopter-shaped ideas, no less.

So feast your eyes on their take on the immortal flying car concept - the appropriately named PAL-V ONE, which stands for Personal Air and Land Vehicle.

Amazingly, it uses the same regular fuel we do in our cars, though there are plans for the later models to use biodiesel and bio-ethanol too.

But how far can you go in one of these bad boys? Well, you're looking at 350 to 500 kilometres in the air and about 1,200 kilometres on roads. Then again, where this vehicle's going, you won't need roads.

OK, OK, yes you will - or, at least, 165 metres of runway near your house. Oh, and a pilot's licence. And a lot of money - though prices haven't been announced yet as PAL-V are still waiting on investors to back their marvellous product.

Of course, if you want to make your own flying car, you could just make a balloon version and attach remote-control fans to it, like these guys did. Nice job, fellas! Now how quick does it get from 0 to 60?