03/04/2012 13:08 BST | Updated 03/06/2012 06:12 BST

Instagram Live On Android

You've heard iPhone snappers blather on about it, now Instagram is live on Android.

According to Techcrunch, Instagram has 30 million users on the Apple iOS since launching a year and a half ago.

Anyone who's been holding out for the app to come over to Android, I can understand if you skip this article and head straight over to download it right now.

If you can hold out for a little but, here's what's great about Instagram for Android:

• Joining up to Instagram via the free app connects you to a whole photographic community shooting in this format. You'll gather fans and friends with your great shots.

• It's much more lush than your plain old smartphone camera. Instagram has a load of filters to make your shots look amazing. This can soon become a bit of an image-adjustment overload, but spend some time to find the ones that suit your shooting style, and consistency will make your work look great.

• Get addicted to the photos Instagram rates as "popular", and the shooters you love. Just you try to resist checking in all day long.

• There's a huge community about to join in this image lovin'. Techcrunch says that there's 500 million Android users, compared 180 million iPhones sold. That could mean that Android is THE community for Instagrammers.