04/04/2012 05:58 BST

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield Rocks A Mullet And Dances Badly On 'Ellen' (VIDEO)

As many women will happily tell you, Andrew Garfield is very, um, 'cute'. Just watch him in The Social Network and try to not to fall for his chiselled jawline and pretty boy haircut... seriously, it's hard not to.

So when it was announced that the 28-year-old English actor was set to step into a skintight suit for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, the squeals of delight were audible from space. Possibly. If you could hear sound in space, anyway.

Set to appear in cinemas on July 4, The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be one of those tentpole blockbusters every man and his dog is going to see - but that doesn't mean Master Garfield doesn't have to do a little bit of press to whip up some media attention for it.

Witness this delightful, adorable and ever-so-slightly awkward interview with US chat show host Ellen Degeneres for proof, which sees the talented web-slinger chatting about supertight suits as well as donning a massive wig and an even bigger 'tache... before dancing like a complete idiothole.

The things superheroes will do for their fans, eh? Oh, and for more snaps of him in the film - as well as his co-stars Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans - check out this photo gallery below.