05/04/2012 08:31 BST

The Apprentice 2012: Michael Copp 'You're Fired' Interview

Michael Copp was fired from this week's Apprentice after failing to impress with his sales skills in the condiment challenge.

The 31-year-old managing director of a kitchen and bedroom furniture retailer said at the beginning of the series: "I'm better than unique; I'm naturally gifted in business."

But Lord Sugar had a different view and on Wednesday's show, he told Michael: "I don't know what you were doing really. You didn't do your trade selling properly."

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Read our 'you're fired' interview with Michael below...

When did you know it had gone wrong?

When I was pulled into the boardroom.

You really didn't know before then?

The production line didn't go well, which added to our unit cost, which made it a much harder sale. When we got into the boardroom, I realised it didn't go as well as we thought.

Who was to blame?

I think Ricky was to blame for the manufacturing side. They cocked up the first batch. Everyone knew it would be easy to sell to shops but it's harder to sell to trade. There was a lot of waste which didn't help at all and they didn't produce enough compared to the girls.

How did you feel when Ricky said you'd just been a 'passenger'?

He was just trying to get brownie points. He knew I wasn't just a passenger and if everything I did was shown on the programme everyone else would know that too. He was trying to put a spin on things. If I was as good at sugar-coating as Ricky, then maybe I'd still be on the show.

What was your best moment on The Apprentice?

I really enjoyed getting involved in the tasks and meeting other candidates. My favourite task was the eco-press, designing that was fun. They all wanted the washing-up gloves but I said that had been done before, and I was right.

What were Nick, Karren and Lord Sugar like?

Very similar to what you see on TV. They were very professional - you can't pull the wool over their eyes.

What will you do now?

I run my own business in Woodford Green called Dream Bedroom and Kitchen Design. I've also got a product I'm hoping to launch in the garden industry. I've just got a few legal things to iron out - so watch this space. Plus I'd like to get involved in charitable work, maybe something to do with dyslexia or people who have left school early like myself. I'd like to give something back and work with young entrepreneurs.

Will you keep watching and who do you want to win?

Yes I'm a big gan of the show. I didn't get a chance to get to know the girls so I think Duane should win, he's got a lot of energy and is very passionate. They are all fairly nice blokes.

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