04/04/2012 06:02 BST | Updated 03/06/2012 06:12 BST

TomTom GPS Hit By Leap Year Glitch

The leap year has thrown the car navigation system TomTom into utter disarray.

The in-car GPS system is displaying a grey screen and a message saying the TomTom "does not have a GPS signal".

TomTom says on its website that the issue is caused by a datestamping bug in the software within the GPS receiver provided by a third party.

The Telegraph reports that the firm says the "global positioning system firmware which was causing a limited number of models to fail to identify their location".

The glitch has been a known issue since 31 March, and customers in the UK, Australia, Switzerland and Denmark are affected.

One TomTom user told the BBC that the machine malfunctioned on a trip from Gatwick Airport to Cornwall.

Graham Pitt said: "It refused to shift its position from Gatwick and kept showing a message saying 'looking for valid GPS signals'".

"I assumed it had broken but when I went to check TomTom's website I saw there were similar complaints about a range of models on its discussion boards. I feel this should have been made public earlier to alert customers to the problem."

A fix for the issue is posted on TomTom's website.