05/04/2012 09:37 BST | Updated 05/04/2012 09:40 BST

US Masters Fan Makes Dog Vomit To Reclaim Augusta Ticket

Russ Berkman must have felt like he hit a hole in one when he won four tickets for this year's US Masters at Augusta, and his Swiss mountain dog made sure the they went in the hole. Of his mouth.

Seattle resident Berkman, posed with a dilemma, fed pet Sierra hydrogen peroxide, which despite being mainly harmless to dogs nevertheless causes them to vomit.

He told KJR Radio: "She didn’t really have much else in her stomach but that, so it worked out.

Sierra's spewed up ticket

"I grabbed a spatula, put (the vomit) into a Ziploc baggie and brought it inside on my kitchen counter.

"I started, I guess, either a CSI or surgical-type process to figure out what was going to be salvageable, if anything."

After phoning tournament organisers and presenting a detailed run of events, they agreed to print off four new passes for Wednesday's practice prior to the start of today's 76th Masters tournament.