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Samantha Brick: The Most Beautiful Woman In The World? (PICTURES)

Samantha Brick hit the headlines on Tuesday and by this stage, there are few in Britain who don't know who she is - or don't have an opinion on her.

The 41-year-old writer, who asked why women hated her for being so beautiful, was unapologetic on a TV appearance on ITV's This Morning on Thursday, saying:

"Women have fallen into two camps. They've either gone: 'You're off your head, you're a nutter, what are you on about, you're really arrogant', or they've said to me 'You've reiterated the story of my life, thank you, It's really difficult when you are perceived as being attractive, other women do not like it'."

The writer, whose previous work includes 'Why my husband says he'll divorce me if I get fat', 'I'll always be that fat girl', 'I married a man-child', 'How to survive as a French wife', 'Yes, French women DO get fat' is used to stirring up controversy.

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From tongue-in-cheek tumblrs to fake twitters, she's also attracted the ire of some Huffington Post commentators. Drum166 joked "Most people have beer goggles. She has a beer mirror."

And wiggymagee quipped: "I'm sure she has a 'best' side, but I think she's sitting on it."

Brick spoke to the The Huffington Post UK on Tuesday, sharing her top beauty tip ("get yourself a French husband. You will never be allowed to let yourself go") and saying she had trouble keeping female friends:

"It's keeping them that's the problem. That said, I have female friends ranging from 14 - 87."

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