09/04/2012 15:16 BST | Updated 09/04/2012 16:22 BST

Liverpool Fans Angered By Comedian Alan Davies For Questioning Club's Aversion To Playing On Date Of Hillsborough Disaster (AUDIO)

Alan Davies has been criticised by Liverpool supporters for querying why the club refuses to play on the date of the Hillsborough disaster.

Liverpool requested the Football Association not schedule this week's FA Cup semi-final with Everton for the Sunday - the 15 April - as it marks 23 years since 95 supporters were killed after overcrowding in the Leppings Lane End. Tony Bland died in 1993 after a decision was taken to remove his artificial feeding tube, which has led to the "Justice for the 96" campaign.

But QI panelist Davies, speaking on the popular Arsenal podcast "The Tuesday Club", castigated their aversion to the date.

"Liverpool and the 15th - that gets on my tits that s**t. What are you talking about, 'We won't play on the day'. Why can't they?"

Davies then brought up the Heysel disaster - in which 39 Juventus fans were killed after Liverpool supporters were deemed responsible for the collapse of a wall at the 1985 European Cup final

"Do they play on the date of the Heysel Stadium disaster? How many dates do they not play on? Do Man United play on the date of Munich? Do Rangers play on the date when all their fans died in that disaster whatever year that was - 1971?"

Despite the ire directed Davies' way, Juventus have previously played on the date of the Heysel disaster, United have played on the anniversary of the Munich air disaster, Rangers have featured on the date of the Ibrox stadium disaster and Bradford City have also had a game on the date of the Bradford City stadium fire.

Once Davies' comments had been made public, he began trending on Twitter.