10/04/2012 08:11 BST | Updated 10/06/2012 06:12 BST

Craig Tracy's Body Landscapes Create Optical Illusion

At first glance, this beautiful landscape just looks like an oil painting on canvas.

But on closer inspection, eagle-eyed viewers will spot that the rolling green hills are actually painted onto a woman's naked body.

Talented artist Craig Tracy spends hours painstakingly painting the woman's curves to complete the masterpiece - and create the stunning optical illusion.

Craig, 44, from New Orleans, has painted hundreds of amazing images on human canvases.

Craig - who claims he never struggles to find models to pose for him - uses paint specifically designed for human skin.

Throughout his career Craig has painted a staggering 400 bodies - including women at the Rio carnival.

He said: 'Finding models willing to pose has never been an issue for me. I paint on people and people are readily abundant.

'All of my models are volunteers. I never use agencies or websites to find them. In fact, they find me.

'Girlfriends that I have had have had an understanding of what I do and the professional nature of how I paint and create, so I have never had any issues regarding jealous

Source: Heather Skillen, Caters

Craig Tracy Body Art