10/04/2012 12:43 BST | Updated 10/04/2012 13:00 BST

FIRST LISTEN: Norah Jones' New Sound On 'Happy Pills' - From Album 'Little Broken Hearts'

Norah Jones is back, and working a rockier sound than her millions of fans normally associate with her.

The multi-platinum-selling, Grammy award-winning songstress, whose album Come Away With Me was pretty much the soundtrack to anyone making up/out, breaking up/down throughout 2002, is debuting her new track Happy Pills above, from her forthcoming album Little Broken Hearts.

Jones hasn't been very prolific recently - she can afford not to be - releasing her last album, The Fall, in 2009. This latest album will be her fifth.

What do you think of Norah Jones' new sound? Have a listen and let us know...

The dulcet tones that shifted 20 million copies of Come Away With Me are recognisable, but sitting on a bed of chunky guitar - giving a much more rocky effect.

The accompanying video shows her as feminine as ever, with the story of love and betrayal being played out with some vintage Americana aspects. It will be interesting to see whether she pulls off anything like the impossible-to-follow success of her previous offerings.

Little Broken Hearts is released in May. Have a listen above, and see if you think Norah's still got it... while below is a little reminder, should you need it, of how high a bar she has set for herself...