11/04/2012 07:05 BST | Updated 11/04/2012 07:06 BST

Rihanna: 'Rod Stewart Is My Style Icon'

Rihanna's always loved a bit of dress-up and now we know the reason behind some of her weirder outfits - stand up Mr Rod Stewart.

RiRi revealed the craggy rocker is one of her style icons in the new issue of Company magazine, saying: "My style icons? Chloë Sevigny is so sick. The Olsen twins are sick too. Debbie Harry, definitely, and Vivienne Westwood is top notch!

"There are a couple of guys though – Johnny Depp’s style is just effortless and, for me, Rod Stewart gets it right."

We'll take your word for it, RiRi.

No wonder then, that she was a proper little tomboy when she was growing up.

"As a little girl, I only ever wanted to wear my brother’s clothes," she said. "I grew up with my brothers and [male] cousins so it was only when I met my best friend at 14 and discovered fashion magazines that I got into heels.

"Before that, I always went out in sneakers and pants with a t-shirt rolled up and my cap low. I was never girly."

Speaking of girly, if you're a man in touch with his feminine side then you're not going to stand a chance with the singer.

"I understand boys and, most of the time, I think I like them," she said. "It can get in the way because guys become more sensitive than I am, and that’s just so weird to me – and annoying!"

The May issue of Company is on sale this Friday


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