10/04/2012 20:48 BST

The Apprentice 2012 Preview: Gabrielle's Creativity Questioned As Teams Head To Antique Shops

It's week 4 in The Apprentice household, and what was meant to be a well-earned morning off for both teams, but Lord Sugar has other ideas.

Sterling and Phoenix are both summoned to The Old Cinema in Chiswick where their next task becomes clear - with £1000 for each team, they have to source and sell second-hand items in two days, with the usual proviso - one of the members of the losing team will hear the unwelcome words "You're Fired!"

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Some choice moments along the way of Episode 4 include...

  • Over on Phoenix, Ricky Martin's own personal spin on the enterprise: "We're selling crap and turning it into style."
  • Adam's less than optimistic attitude on turning the £200 his lot have been trusted with into silver: "We're good negotiators but we're not miracle workers!"
  • Adam GOING THROUGH THE BINS outside the shop after they don't buy enough for Mr Hewer's liking... yes, really.
  • Meanwhile, team Sterling has the opposite problem - too much stock - and Laura's feeling confident: "There's nothing there I think, 'I won't sell that.'"
  • Gabrielle is in charge of upcycling - adding value to the stock through various creative elements - which results on the Union flag appearing everywhere, much to Duane's distress: "It looks like I've painted it, and I can't paint."

Who will triumph in the battle of the antique shops, Retro Station or Vintage Gold? Find out tonight on The Apprentice, 9pm on BBC1. Here are some pics of this week's triumphant treasure trovers...

The Apprentice Episode 4