10/04/2012 13:07 BST

Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson Set For Walt Disney/Travers Film On Making Of 'Mary Poppins'

Who is the first actor to come to mind when you're thinking about wholesome, popcorn-munching, family-loving American male? Mickey Rourke, obviously. Nick Nolte at a push. Or possibly Tom Hanks.

Strangely, of these three, it's Hanks who producers have earmarked for the role of Walt Disney, the country's most beloved film-maker and storyteller of everyone's childhood dreams.

Starpulse reports that he double Oscar-winning actor is slated to play Disney in a new film about the making of Mary Poppins, telling of the cartoonist's fight to gain the rights to the story from its unconvinced author P L Travers.

The pair's subsequent disagreements on everything from songs to storylines has already inspired books and documentaries.

And in an equally reliable-sounding billing, the very English Emma Thompson is set to play the author, Variety reports.