11/04/2012 09:45 BST | Updated 11/04/2012 10:57 BST

Bashar Al-Assad 'Shitting With' The International Community, Says French Official

Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is trying to "shit" on the international community, a spokesman for the French foreign minister has said.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's World at One programme on Wednesday afternoon, the spokesperson lamented the apparent reluctance of the Syrian regime to cease its attacks on civilians.

"The regime is still using its heavy military equipment to fire at and kill civilians and demonstrators in several cities," he said.

He said the number victims was growing and there appeared to be "no end to the violence" despite international calls for a cessation of hostilities.

Speaking in Indonesia on Wednesday, David Cameron said 1,000 people had been killed since Assad agreed to a UN brokered ceasefire timeline eight days ago.

"The world needs to redouble its efforts to stop the killing and oppose Assad's savagery," Cameron..

But the French government spokesman said the continued killings showed Assad was ignoring the will of foreign leaders.

He said: "Bashar al-Assad continues to try to shit with international community, he is trying to avoid responsibility."

By way or warning, World at One did introduce the interview noting it contained some rather "undiplomatic language".