11/04/2012 13:31 BST

Britain's Got Talent Surrenders To The Voice, Moves To Later Time Slot After Losing Ratings Battle

Someone had to budge.

BBC and ITV bosses have bent over backwards in the battle for viewers affections on Saturday night television, with their rival talent shows The Voice and Britain's Got Talent competing for the same time slot.

And now it seems Simon Cowell has blinked first.

After three weeks of watching his beloved BGT lose out in the ratings during the programmes' 30-minute overlap, the show has been moved to a later time slot from the weekend after next.

The Radio Times reports that early listings changes indicate the programme, previously scheduled for an 8pm start, will now kick off at 8.30pm, leaving The Voice all to itself, for the first of its Battle Round Specials. The second will be shown the following night - it is the first time The Voice will be shown on both weekend evenings.

Simon has appeared gracious in defeat. Earlier this week, he tweeted "slightly irritated" congratulations to BBC1 controller Danny Cohen, although he pointed out he still had something special up his sleeve - a dancing dog!