11/04/2012 03:23 BST

Cheryl Cole And Louis Walsh Call A Truce

Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh have called time on their catfight after exchanging a series of stinging barbs in the press.

The former X Factor pals fell out after Cheryl took aim at Walsh for slacking off as Girls Aloud's manager in the band's early days, insisting he shunned his duties and just took the dosh.

She told Marie Claire: "We never had management. Louis claimed to be our manager but he never did it... We didn't talk to him or anything like that. He just took a cheque."

Never one to let a fight pass him by, Louis lashed out and declared their friendship over. He went even further and mouthed off to Heat magazine earlier this week, saying: "What is she peddling this time? Eyelashes or hairspray? It's definitely not her music!

"At least I am still on The X Factor and happy to be there. I'm a much better manager than she is a singer. She seems to be in the fashion business now, selling fake hair pieces, fake eyelashes, fake everything.

"Cheryl is a great clothes horse. Nice girl, but likes to get her own way. I've got two words to say: vocal lessons."

And the rant seemingly prompted Cheryl to call Louis and call a truce.

She tweeted: "Bout to take this ish to the main stage *calls Louis*..." before returning to Twitter with a kindly message from her frenemy.

She added: "Spoke to Mr. Walsh.. And he asked me to post his text as he does NOT have twitter..

"Hello Cheryl !! Princess of pop and biggest hair in the land!!!! Let's call a truce to all this stuff in the press and things that happened ten years ago !! We always had fun on the x factor and I always defended u against the wicked cowell !! We used to have great fun and life is too short u and I always said !! I'm looking forward to your new music and think u shud come on the xfactor live show to perform!!!! Keep smiling and send me some new product!!!! Louis Walsh".

Aaaah, it's nice to be nice, isn't it?


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