11/04/2012 11:57 BST | Updated 11/04/2012 13:07 BST

Hamster Magnet: Furry Animal Gets Stuck To Its Cage After Swallowing Spiderman Toy Part

A hamster who swallowed a toy magnet and became stuck to the metal bars of his cage is now recovering following the bizarre incident.

Pet hamster 'Smurf' had to be prised off the bars by owner Kate Meech, who came home to find the hamster hanging helplessly off the cage, the Northampton Chronicle and Echo reports.

Meech said that the circular magnet, which had come off her son's Spiderman toy, could be seen lodged inside the hamster's cheek.

The hamster had to spend the Easter bank holiday in a plastic box, "for obvious reasons" Meech added.

Two of Kate Meech's children holding Smurf and the Spiderman toy

Meech told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo she then left the hamster alone, as she believed Smurf would spit it out on her own. However her body started to repel the metal magnet through her cheek, "treating it as a foreign body."

"It made me feel quite queasy" she told the East Midlands newspaper.

The story caused quite a stir on the Chronicle's website, with one reader commenting "This is the best 'hamster and magnet' story I have read all week. All it needed was Freddy Starr to eat the hamster, and then for him to get stuck to his fridge."

After fishing out the magnet, Smurf is now recovering with only a small graze on her cheek.

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