11/04/2012 05:52 BST

Jessie J Takes Some Style Pointers From Madonna In Video For 'LaserLight'

Musically, she might be losing her touch a little (more on that in a mo) but it seems Madonna is still a trendsetter when it comes to fashion.

Well, Jessie J seems to think so anyway.

The Brit singer has just unveiled the video for her new single with David Guetta and it looks like her stylist Jess has been taking fashion pointers from Her Madge after donning a very cheeky pair of hotpants in the clip for Laserlight.

Madonna, you may remember, made headlines for all the wrong reasons when she popped on - and popped out - of an ill-fitting pair of shorts for a performance at a US music festival last month.

Jess love, next time think more Kylie than Madge, yeah?

Meanwhile, Madonna's latest release, MDNA, might have made a splash on its first week of release - but it's heading for an almighty fall from grace this week. Not only did it drop from pole position to No.7 in the UK but it is also on course to have the biggest second week drop in US chart history. Ouch.

According to Forbes, sales of MDNA are on course to fall by 88% - from 359,000 in its first week to around 46,000 this week. And to make matters worse, it's been revealed that most of those all-important first week's sales were down to the fact that CDs were included in the sale of her concert tickets and if that hadn't been the case then Lionel Richie would have beaten her to the top spot.

And he didn't even have to flash the flesh.