11/04/2012 09:52 BST

Nude Maid Service Rouses Police Suspicion In Lubbock, Texas

A controversial new housekeeping service in the conservative depths of Texas has caught the attention of local police, despite its insistence that it isn't committing any illegalities.

It's supposed crime? Providing an unlicensed sexual service of entirely nude maids.

The business, Fantasy Maid Service, is based in Lubbock, Texas, which has legislation requiring businesses that are sexual in nature to have a permit to trade.

Lubbock police told the Associated Press that the business "doesn't have a permit to operate a sexually oriented business and officers are watching for any violation, which would bring a $2,000 fine".

While the organisation does not deny supplying nude maids, it denies being a sexual service.

"We really just clean houses. These girls are not performers. They're maids," owner Melissa Borrett said.

Borrett started the firm after having difficult making ends meet as a waitress – she was even forced to live on the nearby Texas Tech University's Occupy Lubbock camp.

"I just decided to go a little bigger, work a little smarter."

The rules and regulations of the business seem to solidify its claim to not be anything near prostitution, steering well clear of offering sex.

The company's website states that there is strictly no touching of the maids, and no attempts to "solicit a maid for sexual services."

However it is arguable that any service which promotes its nudity has an inherent sexuality.

Interestingly, the service does offer a discount to law enforcement and government officials, which could be something of a shrewd diplomatic move by Borrett to get on the good side of the law.