11/04/2012 04:28 BST | Updated 10/06/2012 06:12 BST

Open Thread Round Up: Your Best Ever Advice

After seeing a copy of Mitchell Symons' brilliant book of advice for kids, Don't Wipe Your Bum With A Hedgehog, we asked HuffPost readers to send in their own favourite pearls of wisdom.

The responses across the site, Facebook and Twitter produced a veritable feast of sage-like and - in some cases - woefully inept words of guidance.

On the comments, Philippa Warr recalled her sister's take on a classic phrase: "Never kick a gift horse in the face". Meanwhile, Alice E. Vincent said her Dad always told her "worrying won't change anything, and also that a weasel is weasel-ly small, and a stoat is stoatily different" - invaluable stuff for anyone ever animal-spotting never a river.

Also commenting were PeterSonOfJohn who said he had fond memories of his Father's wise advice "Close that bloody door!!" and jdthndr who left the rather cyrptic: "Not one I'm very good at following, but: Everyone is blagging it."

On Facebook, John Edgar said the question "What you gonna be? A worrier, or a warrior?" was his favourite piece of advice. Somewhat less helpful (depending on your situation) were Tim Parker's "Never touch a burning dog" and Robin Slack's rather blunt "you can't polish a sh*te".

The equally brilliant responses from Twitter can be seen here: