11/04/2012 12:41 BST | Updated 17/04/2012 07:39 BST

Stuntman Gary Connery Plans To Jump Out Of Helicopter At 2,400ft - Without A Parachute

A fearless stuntman is planning to jump out of a helicopter at 2,400ft without a parachute - because it's never been done before.

Gary Connery, 42, of Henley-on-Thames said he was undertaking the stunt because "it's never been done and it's there to be done."

"I'm a bit of a Peter Pan and I want to fly," he told The Huffington Post UK.

Connery, who plans to undertake the stunt as soon as weather permits, will only wear a wingsuit, a form of jump-suit.

He has previously starred in as a stuntman in films such as 'Johnny English Reborn', 'The Beach', and 'Batman Begins' - but has never attempted anything like this before.

A previous jump by the stuntman

"I've done lots of wingsuit flights and base jumps, jumping from a static object with a parachute.

"At the moment stood in the carpark of a cafe with the sun beating down on me, no I'm not scared. When I am standing at the skids of a helicopter I will certainly experience fear. That's kind of what keeps one safe," he said.

"Scary is always relative, I'm scared of losing my wife. That's about as philosophical as I can get really. Each and every base jump has its own story."

Connery, who is packing an emergency parachute in case the stunt goes wrong, will film the stunt for a 3D documentary.

His feat comes after Austrian Felix Baumgartner announced plans to complete a skydive from the edge of space, travelling so fast he will break the speed of sound.