11/04/2012 17:55 BST

The Apprentice 2012: Lord Sugar Fires Fourth Candidate - Jane McEvoy

Jane McEvoy, the assertive Irish businesswoman with her own company, has become fourth candidate this series to hear the unpleasant words from Lord Sugar - "You're Fired!"

He told her he hadn't seen anything to impress him with her sales technique (she came bottom this week), to which she could only respond: “I’m quite a serious person, I’m not a market trader, I haven’t done that before. I am more comfortable in the business to business environment.”

The final three were from Team Sterling, which had got bogged down with the task of locating and selling vintage stock, which they interpreted as a brief to upcycle everything - adding a Union Jack to everything under Gabrielle's creative guidance - and buying far too many items. As Lord Sugar commented on their shop, it "looked like a tip."

Apprentice Candidate Profile:Gabrielle Omar

Despite questions being asked as to the wisdom of Gabrielle's ideas, the figures told the real story - Gabrielle was the top seller, while Jane was at the bottom, with sales of only £10.

Apprentice Candidate Profile: Jane McEvoy

Project manager Laura brought back both Gabrielle and Jane with her to explain themselves in the boardroom, and initially it seemed as if it would be either Gabrielle or Laura going home, as they tore into each other.

Gabrielle complained there had been no strategy, and questioned Laura's contribution, despite her leadership role - "I took responsibility and did not shy away from it... what did you do?"

Shocked by Gabrielle’s comments, Laura responds by claiming that she was “at the centre of everything”.

Apprentice Candidate Profile: Laura Hogg

At this point, Jane made the mistake of drawing Lord Sugar's attention to her, by perking up and pointing out there should have been a budget for materials.

This drew Laura's fire, who decided to bring up the sore topic of Jane's sales. Lord Sugar wasn't having any of Jane's protestations that she'd been reduced to flyer duty in the street and moved to his final verdict. After deciding to keep Gabrielle for her enthusiasm, he chose between Laura and Jane:

"Laura, you lost the plot and you didn’t run the team very well. But I have a bigger concern with you, Jane. You’ve been in the losing team three times in four weeks and nothing I have seen yet tells me that you are this great business person. So on that basis, Jane - You’re Fired.”

Jane said afterwards, "Lord Sugar mightn’t have wanted me but I will be extremely successful in everything that I do and hopefully in a few years time he’ll look back and say ‘I shouldn’t have fired her.'"

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