12/04/2012 08:41 BST | Updated 12/04/2012 08:42 BST

Andres Amador's Shows Off His Sand Art

Andres Amador takes street art to another, sandier level - beach art.

Inspired by, among other things, crop circles, he draws geometric or fantastical images in the sand, only to watch them disappear as the tide comes in.

It’s the impermanence that appeals to Amador; he likes the ephemeral quality that his medium offers.

The whole process from idea to execution to destruction by the tides is very quick; he sketches his designs often on the way to the beach.

The largest design so far spanned 300x500 metres, with Amador using Google Earth to search for suitable locations.

Based in San Francisco, he was on holiday in Mexico when he realised the ideal canvas for his grand ideas was at home, on the beach.

He ‘paints’ his designs on the sand using several different sized rakes.

It’s a visually impressive idea, and we’d love to be there to watch him do it.

Amador’s insistence that he doesn’t intend to convey any particular message in his art work seems a bit of a missed opportunity, however.

Still, it definitely beats a sandcastle.

Andres Amador Sand Art

Check out this video of Andres creating his sand art: