12/04/2012 13:50 BST | Updated 12/06/2012 06:12 BST

Falkland Islands: Major General Julian Thompson Issues Warning Over Future Argentine Invasion

A Major General in the British Army has issued an unambiguous warning over the future sovereignty Falklands Islands.

Former Royal Marine Julian Thompson told the Royal United Services Institute on Thursday that Argentina would look reinvade as soon as British forces leave the region.

“The Argentines could invade and seize the Falkland Islands again,” he said.

Although the current forces on the Islands, which include reinforced garrison and a large naval presence mean an invasion is unlikely anytime soon, Thompson suggested, “in a few years time however, when the fuss has died down, and the UK’s guard is lowered, an Argentine coup de main operation to take the airfield is perfectly attainable”.

Experts have long-warned that Britain’s military foothold in the archipelago depends on the airfield. Should an attack by Buenos Aires capture the that vital strip, taking back the islands would be impossible, according to the Thompson.

He said: “With no airfield, reinforcing the islands by air would be impossible, as would any form of air-lifted attempt at recovering them. The only way to take them back would be an amphibious assault as in 1982.”